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Men: How Heart Smart are you?

Published: January 07, 2022

Look after your heart
Look after your heart

Many people appear to be unaware of their risk for heart disease and take their heart health for granted.

Certain lifestyle behaviours could also be considered health and safety issues with the potential for increasing your risk for disease and possibly shorten your lifespan.
Are you complacent about your health and risk for heart disease? 
Cancer is often assumed to be the leading cause of death, but heart disease is a major cause of death worldwide and is not confined to older population groups particularly for men.
In the US and Canada heart disease accounts for the deaths of between 25 -28% of men and it is estimated that 30% of North American men have some form of cardiovascular disease.
Research suggests that there may be many undiagnosed cases of heart disease as many men consider themselves healthy and do not perceive regular medical screening as necessary.
Once thought of as disease(s) of old age, heart disease is now being diagnosed in younger populations.
Many children, who are overweight or obese, being diagnosed with altered blood lipids, hardening of arteries, and hypertension.
In Canada, one third of children ages 5 - 17 are overweight or obese and while some children may be diagnosed with heart disease, many children go undiagnosed.
Young men (and women) may enter adulthood with the beginnings of heart disease.
This article is not only for men, but also for women who want the best for the men in their life.
Heart disease in women is also increasing and occurring at a younger age, but there are subtle differences in prevalence and potential risk factors which is addressed in a separate article.  
Heart Disease
People talk about heart attacks, heart disease and stroke, sometimes interchangeably so you may be uncertain as to what heart disease refers to. 
Heart disease refers to several medical conditions caused by damage to your heart and blood vessels which adversely affect heart function and blood flow. Heart disease includes medical conditions such as...link to the full article to learn more.


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